The Pool

Mission: Create industry alignment on advertising solutions through the process of pooling resources and the uncovering of human insights.

We’re in the midst of a digital remaking of the world as we know it. Content that was once solid is now liquid. Business models once thought to be hard as rock have eroded. And the discrete category of digital media has faded into the realization that everything is digital. The rapidly changing marketplace means that we are increasingly challenged to find new ways to effectively reach consumers.

The Pool’s unique process brings together advertisers, publishers, and media and technology companies to solve advertising problems through research. We believe success is accomplished through collaboration, not competition. Rooted in consumer insights and designed to create scale, The Pool is a research initiative built on the idea that the more we share, the faster we learn and keep up with changes in consumer behavior.

The Pool works with key stakeholders in the industry to identify an advertising problem. From these discussions, a new area of focus, or “lane,” is launched. Participants join a lane and submit numerous ideas to solve the problem. These ideas are then narrowed down through group voting and The Pool’s typical research process involves a three-phased approach of qualitative, quantitative, and field trial research. At the conclusion of a lane, we find a winning solution and provide the results to the industry to accelerate the marketplace and drive advertiser demand.

Around the world, 160 companies have joined the Pool in 14 lanes to create a greater understanding of advertising within rapidly evolving, emerging media platforms. Together we are creating industry alignment around the consumer engagement solutions of the future.