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The Power of Collaboration

Working together works.

Philosophy: We care about the advertising landscape and work cooperatively to implement smarter solutions that improve the experience for media owners, advertisers, technology providers, and consumers.

Purpose: The Rising Tide Co-Op is a new cooperative approach that brings together leaders in advertising, media, and technology industries to work together and bring about the change we need. Winning concepts that are proven through research are then brought to the Rising Tide Co-Op to scale that concept to the entire industry.

The Rising Tide Co-Op has developed a scalable technology solution that will enable publishers to easily deploy the winning online video ad models of Pool Lanes around the world – the qSuite™. This solution gives advertisers the ability to seamlessly leverage interactivity and implement higher performing ad models at scale, and allows consumers to have more control over their advertising experience while supporting the content they desire.

The qSuite Advantage


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